Gold ASP Needles

ASPfinger (2)


Just imagine, this one tiny gold needle could end years of pain in just seconds. 


ASP ear needles (Aiguille Semi-Permanente) or semi-permanent needles are made in Lyon, France. They were designed by a French physician to stay in the ear for a length of time. Here in the USA, we keep them in for just 3 to 4 days. In France, it is not uncommon for a doctor to leave them in for a month or more at a time. 


ASP ear needles come in three different types of metal; Gold (shown in the photo above), Stainless steel and Titanium. The different metals (photo below) are used to treat a wide verity of conditions. The titanium needles are safe to leave in during an MRI or PET scan. 


The ASP needles are just one kind of needle we use at our clinic. We seek out the best quality supplies from around the world to treat our patients. We are just one of a handful of clinics in Maryland to use ASP needles. Why you might ask? It is because they are one of the most expensive acupuncture on the market. We don’t put a price tag on your health or your well being!


I travel around the world to teach other acupuncturists and medical doctors how to use these needles to treat their patients. Over years of using ASP’s, I have seen firsthand the power of these tiny needles and I have made it my mission to show other practitioners that power too. Check out our two short videos on the ASP needles.