Meet our staff



Sara has been with us from the beginning. She is currently our office manager and billing specialist. If you have called us or came to our clinic more than likely you have spoken with Sara.

Starting in 2014 Sara will only be working for us part time as a consultant. Her new job will be heading up our National and International Seminars. At these weekend seminars we teach other acupuncturists and medical doctors advanced techniques in pain management.





We are pleased to announce that Stephanie has agreed to help us in our clinic.  Stephanie joined our team in 2012 as our medical illustrator for our books and seminar website. 

While working with Stephanie on medical illustrations we discovered that she had gained a great deal of knowledge about acupuncture and was a perfect fit for our clinic.  This knowledge combined with intensive training has prepared her to take over the billing responsibilities at our clinic as well as assist in our office.

Stephanie will continue as our medical illustrator and we expect that you will see some of her artwork on this website.